Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Rat-tastic greetings, my fellow readers.
Nearly five years have passed since the launch of Bob’s Blogs: The Many Adventures of Bob the Rat, and wow, has it had an amazing scuttle – er, run!
You may have noticed a pawcity of blogs in recent months; that’s because my squeak-to-English translator (a.k.a. the ghostwriter of Bob’s Blogs) has been working at an outside job six days a week – half of that time while also finishing a bachelor’s degree in journalism – for the better part of a year. She and I have no lack of ideas for the blog, but we do lack time and energy. She feels she hasn’t had the energy to give Bob’s Blogs what it needs for many months now. Therefore it is with great difficulty that we have decided – for now – to squeak farewell to Bob’s Blogs.
These past five years have been a transformative experience for the both of us. The purpose of Bob’s Blogs – supplying material to help my human land employment in her profession as a writer – was fulfilled many times over. We became better and more creative than we ever knew we could be, and stretched ourselves and our talents in ways we never believed were possible.
We want to express our gratitude to those of you we have met along the way. Many were friends and family who supported us in this, one of my human’s quirkier projects. Please know that your support carried her through many times of darkness and doubt. Others of you are friends we have picked up along the way, and for that, we squeak the hugest THANK YOU of all. It’s one thing when your mom likes your writing; it’s another when a complete stranger praises it. (No offense, Mom!)
I don’t know what the future holds for Bob’s Blogs. My human has a list of ideas that could last Bob’s Blogs for at least another five years easily! We also have dreams of a stand-alone “Bob the Rat” website (and maybe even an app) as well as a hard-bound book based in part on the blog. So you see (or perhaps smell, if you’re sight-limited like me), our end here is not due to lack of ideas, just energy and time. I’m certain we both would love to fulfill these. However, we may never get to do so (who knows what the future holds?), in which case we are unabashedly proud of what we have accomplished. On a personal note, I can squeak that while I have loved being “Bob the Rat” the entity, I’m looking forward to returning to just being Bob.
No matter what happens, thank you from the bottom of my little ratty heart for your love, dedication, and encouragement on this rat-tastic adventure. Keep your teeth to the cheese wheel (or is that your nose to the grindstone?), and never be afraid to keep it squeak!