Sunday, August 31, 2014

Working My Tail Off

Yikes, it’s been a few shakes of a rat’s tail since my last post! I’ve missed scratching out my hovel on the Internet, and I miss all of you, my blog followers, as well. In early June business really picked up at Sludge-Be-Gone – it seems that the anti-dairy movement really took hold here in Ratlanta, and people have been more, ahem, regular than normal – and I moved to working nights and weekends in addition to days to keep up with sewer-cleaning demand. The good news is that the blockage under 14th street is well under control, but the long nights crawling through muck (which is one thing we rats do best) have often left me too tired to tend Bob’s Blogs.
Could it be squeaked I’ve had a problem with work–life balance? Well, let me put it this way: Yesterday I went to battle that blockage and leaped up onto a ledge, only to find myself toppling forward into a muzzle full of filth. I looked behind me, and instead of the long black streak I so love that always keeps me on an even keel, I saw a nubby little stump. Wouldn’t you know it? My tail had fallen clean off! I’m not ready to be a Manx yet; not now, not ever! Too much a reminder of my feline nemesis. Good thing my tail is made of rubber: I was able to do a quick sealing job that should heal up in about a week. Better yet, we Americans celebrate Labor Day tomorrow, and I am definitely taking the pawportunity to engage in a little flealaxation! A few frozen cheesecake bites, perhaps a small margarata to let my fur down – and get my tail to healing.
I’m grateful that I can afford to pay my bills, but there’s much to be said for taking care of oneself first. I hope you put yourself first in your life, and even though I know you humans lack tails to begin with, I encourage you to keep what’s there well in place! May this weekend – and every weekend – be a time for you to recharge, and if you do find yourself with parts missing, I have some rubber sealant I’ll be happy to lend you.
Keepin’ it squeak,