Thursday, November 27, 2014

Furever Grateful

Rat-tastic greetings, friends and family. I’ve been silent on the blog recently because the human who translates my rat squeaks into English has been incredibly busy with school and a new job. She’s graduating in Fleacember, so I hope to scratch out some more blogs once she’s done.
My tradition with Thanksgiving blogs is to list all the things for which I’m thankful. While I’m always happy to remember how blessed I am that rat meat is not as popular as turkey on the American Thanksgiving menu, this year I’ve decided to keep it simple. In a harried life, I’ve found that the best things are the things that stick closest, like family. You already know Big Burly Pop, Mom, and the twins from my past blogs, and last Christmouse I gave them all a blog unto themselves. I want to fleaiterate how rat-tastically grateful that whatever life brings, they will furever be my family. I’m grateful, too, for my furever fur family, complete with wife Bobette the Mouse, our starchy Rats + Mice = Rice octuplet offspring, and rodentical cousin Rob the Rat, and of course my best friends Gus and Slim.
Finally, I’m grateful for you, for reading my scratchings on the Web. No matter what your life brings or how hurried – make that furried – things get, I hope you can refresh yourself in the fondness and comfort of loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving to you now and always, and may we all be furever grateful.
Keepin’ it squeak,